Warmer Climate Means More Snowstorms ?

By | November 25, 2014

Warmer Climate

Means More Snowstorms?

It seems contradictory but science and observation show why it is true.

As the planet warms, more erratic and severe weather changes can be expected.

Warmer water leads to more evaporation which leads to more water in the air. If that air is cold enough the water becomes snow. If not, it is more rain and possible flooding. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see tons of snow than floods and weeks of dreary rain.

Go to this article for a discussion by various scientists regarding the increased snow that AFFIRMS climate warming in spite of what the climate change deniers proclaim.

I know this is from an OP-ED article, but wait until you see who the sources are and you will realize their views are important and significant.  And based on science. These are the people who do research on global warming and climate change.

Folks, this is going to be an interesting winter and a cold one in the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, you can expect more snowstorms. Yes, you can blame the warmer climate.

Are you prepared to be snowed in for days?  I am and I live south of the Mason – Dixon line!!!  Do you have your 72-Hour Instant Food kit by National Geographic ? I do.

Is your car prepared for you to be caught in a blizzard? What about if you get stranded inside your car in the snow?

Give it some thought.

Blizzards can, indeed, result in fatalities. Be prepared. No doubt about it. Warmer climate means more snowstorms. Get ready.

Also, if you are in a safe place and can warm up, you might enjoy the unusual weather as these people did.  I know one fellow who stores his refrigerated beverages and closed containers directly IN THE SNOW outside his window. It works very well for him because there are no scavenging wild animals nearby. It also reduces the loss of food due to a lack of electric power where he lives.

Enjoy the antics of these folks playing in the snow.

Keep Warm and Dry