Street Life is Puzzling

By | April 9, 2016

Yes, Street Life is Puzzling.

Enjoy a break and solve this puzzle.

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Part of the puzzle for me is a series of questions.

Whenever I see a street musician, I wonder if he or she is homeless.

I wonder if these musicians play for fun or because they need to earn the small amounts of cash that people toss their way.

Why choose this corner? Why choose this day? Why choose this time of day? What makes the musician choose that particular song?

Is this person politically involved and trying to get our attention for a cause of some sort?

Is this one of the people who will suffer because of environmental degradation? Or because of discrimination?

What is the most appropriate and compassionate way to interact with or respond to the musician?

What comes to YOUR mind when you pass a musician on the street?

Do you stop to listen?

Recently, I spent several weeks in an unfamiliar city. Very few people walked anywhere. I saw many signs announcing musical and art events. I saw many homeless people. I saw NO street musicians. It felt peculiar. There was no easy way to walk around in this city. The downtown was TRULY DOWN town.  At the far end of the city. Development with a wide collection of strip malls offered services along each of the main roads. Yes, there were clusters of similar businesses here and there. But it seemed to me that each section was disconnected from all the other sections.  When I asked directions to various places the answer was the same:

It is behind McDonalds.

And they were right.

Apartments and single family dwellings were scattered all away from the “downtown” area.

I doubt if there was a single street that was straight for more than one city block.

I missed the organization that I usually see in a city with a main street and nearby subdivisions.  I wondered who designed it. Then I thought, perhaps it was the rivers that were the reason for the irregular structure. There were 3 rivers and many hills. Topography was probably behind the unusual layout of the city.

Yet, it puzzled me why there were no street musicians. Street life is puzzling certainly in this city. There is not much pedestrian activity at all. I felt sad.