Sarin Gas AGAIN? NO

By | April 7, 2017

Heard the news. Sarin Gas?



on civilians and hospitals in Syria by Syrian government!?

I simply cannot believe the stupidity of war.

So. What is Sarin Gas?

In short, it is a deadly nerve gas used as a weapon of destruction. Developed in 1937 in Germany and outlawed in 1997 by the Chemical Weapons Convention.  There is more about it on Wikipedia.

I don’t know how often it has been used or where since 1937. But in theory it has been destroyed under a United Nations resolution. So if you want THOSE details, look at Wikipedia for Sarin gas.

The gruesome reality is too much for me to talk about right now. Of course, it can be deployed by ground to air missiles which are very available to an untold number of military units all over the world. (If they have the Sarin.)

I do not want to know what else is worse than Anthrax.

I am praying for the people who are suffering and the doctors and caregivers who are struggling to help.

But, perhaps it is more prudent to pray for the leaders of THE Syrian Government and the United States Government so there may be a path beyond these dreadful disasters.

It is one of those questions you can answer with “Can’t hurt. Maybe it helps.”