Remembering Caregiving with Mom

By | June 27, 2017

From Holyoke High School Yearbook 1933

Remembering Caregiving with Mom.

Recently I wrote a response to AARP’s  stories about being a caregiver. So many people commented about Mother’s photo that I decided to post it here with a little more of her story.

I am grateful for the time I spent with Ma during here last 12 years on this Earth. Yes, I miss her daily.  She was a wonderful person and a great Mother.  In this photo, Mom was 18 years of age.

At first I thought she was 17 but I did the math from her birthday and, in truth, she was 18. Born in 1915 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Constance V. Hare captured the attention of my father, who was the milkman. Their romance is recorded beautifully in my father’s photo album.  Now, How many men do you know who start a photo album when they meet the gal they want to marry? My Dad did. That album was on the top shelf in the closet until a week or so ago. WOW.

Dad was a poet in love with his girl. He labeled the photos with exquisite handwriting.  This album included wedding photos I had never seen before. What a handsome couple they were.

Connie Hare and Teddy Paul in 1934 on Christmas Day.   They chose to marry on Christmas Day because it was a new beginning for each of their lives and it was as special as the birth of Jesus was to each of them. Their photo was labeled “Me and Me”.  I loved it.  I wish I had shared it with her during those years we shared from 2000-2012.  But it is a treasure today, too.

Being the live-in primary companion and caregiver was an honor, a privilege and a huge responsibility. We had precious shared times and a special relationship that cannot be clearly expressed in words. Instead of repeating my post to AARP,  I invite you to read it there and learn some of what it means when I am remembering caregiving with Mom.

If you ever have the blessing of serving as caregiver for a loved one, I hope and pray your caregiving experience is beautiful too.   My Mother was always thinking of how to help other people and continued to write get well wishes for the people in our church. In fact, she sent Valentine’s Day cards to the entire congregation as a message of God’s love just a few weeks before she was called home.  That time she asked me to help write the addresses because her arthritic hands were tiring. What a gift.

Thanks for sharing this with me, too. This post Remembering Caregiving with Mom shares the beauty of beginning and living and the ending of her life of love.