Hummingbird Rescue

 Why you need to know about my HUMMINGBIRD RESCUE, I do not know. But maybe it is because the hummingbird rescue happened. And it really made an impression on me. Hummingbird rescue is real life drama on a small scale. You and I choose what to do all the time.   Are you doing something… Read More »

Street Life is Puzzling

Yes, Street Life is Puzzling. Enjoy a break and solve this puzzle. Part of the puzzle for me is a series of questions. Whenever I see a street musician, I wonder if he or she is homeless. I wonder if these musicians play for fun or because they need to earn the small amounts of… Read More »

Away from my computer

I have been away from my computer Do you know what that feels like? Frustration. Isolation. Delays. Lost time. Possible Lost contacts. SO I will try to resume my activity here as soon as I can do so regularly. Forgotten passwords. Unfinished tasks. Disappointed clients are all a part of my computer absence. But WHY… Read More »