Sarin Gas AGAIN? NO

Heard the news. Sarin Gas? OMG. SARIN gas on civilians and hospitals in Syria by Syrian government!? I simply cannot believe the stupidity of war. So. What is Sarin Gas? In short, it is a deadly nerve gas used as a weapon of destruction. Developed in 1937 in Germany and outlawed in 1997 by the… Read More »

What The Health Video

What the Health is now streaming on Vimeo. What The Health is one documentary you do not want to miss. Yet, you might wish you did not know what you just learned. I knew some of this. But not all of it. Some of what I thought was true is not. Times change. In these… Read More »

Oak Leaf Ballet

Did you ever wonder what happens when leaves fall? Oak Leaf is the last of the leaves to drop. The oak leaf seems almost reluctant to face the cold of winter. But the sap stops flowing into the leaves and they turn reddish or orange and then brown. They still hang on by their stems… Read More »

Change is Constant

Change is constant. Perhaps it is the only constant we have in this world of ours. It has been a bizarre season for many of us. I make no excuses. I share a collection of reasons for my long absence. Why bother? Because I want my readers to continue to be my followers. It makes… Read More »