NoDAPL Stands for Water

By | October 27, 2016

#NoDAPL Stands for Water and land and air. Particularly the local Sioux people at Standing Rock in North Dakota are protecting their water, land air and sacred lands. But it is a major indication of Big Oil abusing power and violating Free Speech.

Too many incidents of violence by police and pipeline representatives continue to demonstrate INJUSTICE and threats t0 the Dakota people and sacred lands.

111 is speaking out and calling for interfaith civil disobedience to draw attention and call for peaceful resolution of the NoDakotaPipeLine #NoDAPL crisis situation.

Climate change is an issue of human rights and justice.

“The times demand moral leadership for climate justice. We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and likely the last to be able to do anything about it. The decisions the global community makes now about energy, extraction, transportation, food systems, and use of land will make or break the possibility of a livable climate on Earth. Climate change is an issue of human rights and justice.  It knows no national boundaries. The poor and most vulnerable are the first to suffer. Ultimately it affects us all.”

Bold and italics are my emphasis.

We need to use Renewable energy sources more than we need another PIPELINE.

We also need to honor the rights of the Sioux people whose lands and water and LIVES are being threatened.

Focus some time away from the ELECTION news to pay attention to what is happening still in North Dakota now.

It is even more important than the latest political snafus and put-downs.


#Keep it in the Ground means do not extract excessive petroleum fuels from the ground. It is our reserve and pulling it out with high technology damages more than it helps.