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By | September 15, 2014

People’s Climate March

What is it?

•The People’s Climate March is a major mobilization taking place in New York City on

September 21, two days before the UN Climate Summit, and is billed as the largest climate march in history. This is a family-­‐friendly event, with art, music, and other events.

Who is involved?

• Tens of thousands of people from the faith, business, labor, health, science, agriculture, and education communi8es will be there.

•Over 1000 local, national, and international organizations will participate.

What are the main messages?

•We will show the UN that people are ready for ac8on on climate change, are taking action within their communities, and will support any progress made in the Climate Summit.

  • Low income and communi8es of color are on the front lines of the crisis—the first and most impacted by storms, floods, droughts, as well as land grabs, water shutoffs and forced migra8tion. They are also at the forefront of innovative community-­‐led solutions thatensure a just transition off fossil fuels, like zero waste and public transit strategies, that support an economy good for both people and the planet.

• We want action that protects the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and solutions that prioritize those who have born the brunt of the problems.

UN Climate Summit

What is it?

United Natuons Secretary-­‐General Ban Ki-­‐moon has invited world leaders to come to New York on September 21 to discuss ambitious action climate adaptation and mitigation.

What does it seek to accomplish?

• Leaders are expected to provide their vision of national and international climate goals,

  • The number of independent national initiatives promised at the summit will be a bellwether for the success and scope of the 2015 international climate treaty.

• The United States’ recent domestic progress has helped the country pivot into a new leadership role in international climate talks. The administration is likely to highlight the EPA standards for vehicles and power plants as exemplary and effective policy tools for reducing emissions.

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