Live Prepared

Live Prepared was just launched by a partnership with National Geographic and AvantLink and Augason Farms. Live Prepared is designed to help you get ready for emergencies of all kinds. Live Prepared provides customers with a complete line of food storage products and emergency preparedness supplies.

Live Prepared has food storage, water purification, emergency tools, shelters and first aid supplies to meet your needs in a crisis.

I say “When National Geographic gets involved, it is time to stand up and take action, NOW.”

At Live Prepared you will find special deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get you ready with bargain prices.

Be Prepared with the Best

Be Prepared with the Best

Living prepared is about everyday peace of mind. Emergency Preparedness can be as simple!

I mean, with the varied supplies they have all in one place, along with information about why you need it, you will find the site informative and incredible.

Whether you are a prepper or a survivalist or just planning for the harsh winter season, you will find something you can use. Yes, even something you need and did not realize it.

If you don’t believe ME, surely you believe National Geographic.

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