Hummingbird Rescue

By | June 18, 2016

 Why you need to know about my HUMMINGBIRD RESCUE, I do not know.

But maybe it is because the hummingbird rescue happened.

And it really made an impression on me.

Hummingbird rescue is real life drama on a small scale.

You and I choose what to do all the time. hummingbird rescue  Are you doing something to help someone today?

(hummingbird shadow by Piotr Siedlecki)


Movement at the window caught my attention. At first  I could not tell if it was inside or outside.  Secondly, it looked like a huge bug-spider-insect, I couldn’t tell so I stood still in the center of the cabin and watched.

Seconds later I recognized the shadow. All anxiety was transformed into care and concern for this precious hummingbird trapped between the window and the  curtain.

This tiny fragile and precious creature would soon wear itself out. So I moved cautiously towards it and lifted the curtain to try and rescue her.

Ever so gently, I cupped my hands around its fluttering wings. I don’t know if she made any sounds (I cannot hear her frequency). But as one tiny foot grasped my cuff she looked up. Our eyes met.

God, she was beautiful. I felt her tiny heart beating.  Very rapidly.

I kept eye contact and walked cautiously to the open door.

Hummingbird Rescue

Female ruby-throated hummingbird by Linda Jones

Her wings were motionless in the palm of my hand.

Her foot held my sleeve, her eye held mine.

Was it fear that I would eat her?

Was it gratitude for rescuing her?

Or boldness scolding me for having such bright red curtains that drew her into my cabin?

Pushing the screen aside with my shoulder, I realized the screen was a reddish sheer curtain.

The wind swept this tiny bit of feathers into flight right out of my open hands.

She was so light it seemed she weighed nothing.

I wished her well and felt rewarded by her presence.

Yet, to prevent future entrapment I removed the red curtain screen immediately.  Solemnly, with a deep sense of purpose, I hung a black screen in its place.

Years ago I rescued a hummingbird which was entrapped in a spider web near a door.  Both were sacred encounters with divinity in creation.

I recalled finding, observing and cautiously photographing a miniature nest with 2 tiny eggs and waited for Momma Hummer to return to the nest.

What remarkable experiences have blessed me along this life path.

Another time, as I sat quietly observing a desert spring, a hummer was repeatedly attracted to my red backpack and hat.

Even more astonishing was the hummingbird moth who tried to drink from the reflective lens of my glasses. I felt the movement of air on my nose as it hovered in front of my face.

I  cherish these tiny creatures and am humbled by their beauty and focus on life’s essentials…water. . . food.. safe shelter.

I give thanks to Creator God for allowing me to have these wondrous experiences.

That this rescue happened on the day of the Orlando terror attack speaks to me that even in the midst of a horrific event God’s creatures can still be beautiful.

Thank you.

Later, I read about hummingbird migrations. And how fast their wings beat. Actually the wings move in a sort of figure 8 pattern which is what allows them to hover.

It is the male ruby-throated hummingbird that shows such color.

The female benefits

from more drab coloring because it helps to camouflage her while she is nesting.


Did I tell you how much I love birds?

Did I tell you this hummingbird weighs less than a penny?

Maybe that is why I told you about my hummingbird rescue whether you NEEDED to know or not.