Holy Week-Passover-Ramadan

By | April 12, 2017

Is it not peculiar that the Christian Holy Week, Jewish Passover and Muslim Ramadan are all so close together on our calendars?

Torah at Passover


Maybe there is a lesson in that simple fact that we all need to learn. It is surely more than coincidence.

Old and New Testaments

Holy Bible

It was during the holy week of Passover that Jesus (who was Jewish) was betrayed and crucified.

Out of that experience, Christians today remember the Last Supper which was initially the Passover meal during the time of Jesus. Today Christians refer to this as Holy Week.


I must say that I am not as familiar with the origins of Ramadan but I will share what I have learned. It is a holy week for Muslim people. It has as much significance for Muslim people as the Passover and Holy Week for the Jewish and Christian people. It is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and during this time it is honored by daytime fasting and reading of the Quaran (Koran). It is a time of peace and reflection for the people who are celebrating it as it was in days of old.There you can see some parallels.

Three major religions.   Three major holidays.  Each has a focus on remembering an important part of their own history. Their dates on today’s calendar sometimes overlap more than others.

Surely, we can recognize the importance of honoring the traditions of each culture.  Christians, Jews and Muslims share significant Old Testament events in their history. So there IS common ground to be found.

As each event is holy, each has somber parts and each has celebratory and joyful remembrances.

Koran Reading

Moslem reading Quoran

In this chaotic and divisive world today, it would be prudent to refrain from all forms of violence.


That means in thought, word and deed. We ought to embrace each other instead of defame and destroy each other’s homelands and people with gas,ammunition, missile strikes and even in our speech.

Let our words and thoughts bring blessings into this world for all of us and help each of us to understand what is truly important in our life on Earth.

Do you need to know this?  I think so.  I think we all need to be reminded of our history to reflect on its meaning and live each day with a little more reflection and mindfulness instead of braggadocio or violence.

Do  YOUR part to honor this Holy Week for all of us.

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