Change is Constant

By | February 23, 2017

Change is constant. Perhaps it is the only constant we have in this world of ours. It has been a bizarre season for many of us. I make no excuses.

I share a collection of reasons for my long absence. Why bother? Because I want my readers to continue to be my followers. It makes sense for me to be a more regular provider of content.
I appreciate the people who have chosen to make comments or to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Primarily my Facebook content and contacts are intended for family and close friends.

Change is Constant in our families.
I have reduced the amount of time I spend on Twitter, in direct proportion to the time I have available from other offline tasks. I strive to stay up to date with my followers there, particularly with regards to environmental and ethical issues.

Offline family and health issues have kept me very busy since my last post here.
People often measure levels of stress relative to the amount of and kind of changes encountered in everyday life. So let’s see, how much change has happened since my last post.
Change is Constant in the world around us.
#NODAPL continues to be a major issue though it is getting less publicity.


#Keep it in the Ground

Standing Rock still needs our support because it is again surrounded by antagonists of all sorts. Pipelines, fracking, habitat destruction, human rights violations and climate change have not gone away. In fact the intensity of conflict in each area of concern has increased to the point of becoming almost impossible to keep up with all of the issues and to sustain some level of personal integrity and a modicum of mental balance.

I cannot make direct political comments because there is too much. Just keeping up with everyday life is a challenge. I have been blessed with a couple of substantial writing contracts, so that is a huge change. It helps by reducing financial stress and it directs my time to the specific topics that I have agreed to cover on a specific schedule.

Change is constant in our health.
I had major surgery this winter. It is astounding that we can remove and replace parts of our bodies. I am still engaged in rehab therapy following knee replacement surgery. God is great and even more appreciated when we can see this in our everyday lives. Moments are measured by the simple acts of walking and mending my muscles. I am a grateful person even in everyday times. This is even more remarkable.

In addition, major illness has swept through the family. Right now, my sister and I are battling upper respiratory illnesses. In each of our lives we have reflections of changes on a larger scale.

I cannot begin to list all of what has happened on a national scale, nor do I need to tell you specifically that our world is in a dreadful state of chaos.

How do I respond to constant change?

i pray
As I see each one, I am reminded of a quote
“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
William Blake
How do you?

This brings me to a state of humility and wonder. And it is a call to action to honor people, place and creatures of all kinds. I wish each of you well. I work for justice and peace in this world in our time. I thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

feed your soul

feed your soul