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Nightlight RECALL

Product Recall: Nightlight Recall I do not usually post product recalls, but in this case, I know several people who use this type of nightlight. Since it is being recalled because it is a fire hazard, I want to share the information with you folks too. My sister keeps up with Product Recalls and tells… Read More »

Agent Orange Hurts

AGENT ORANGE HURTS Veterans and their Families. Even this many years after the Vietnam war when Agent Orange was used to defoliate much of the forests in war zones, New effects of Agent Orange are being found. Where? In the children and the grandchildren of the veterans who brought it home with them INSIDE their… Read More »

Live Prepared

Live Prepared was just launched by a partnership with National Geographic and AvantLink and Augason Farms. Live Prepared is designed to help you get ready for emergencies of all kinds. Live Prepared provides customers with a complete line of food storage products and emergency preparedness supplies. Live Prepared has food storage, water purification, emergency tools,… Read More »