Cat Shooting

By | May 18, 2017


Cat Shooting is a felony in MANY states in America.

Shooting a cat intentionally is a violent act.  Cat shooting is NOT an acceptable social behavior. That fact doesn’t change even if the animal is not wearing a collar. To shoot a cat four times in the chest with a real gun is aggressive and violent.


It is illegal to discharge a firearm or weapon in the City of Hartselle, Alabama, so I am told.

So, who shot my cat this week? With Real Bullets. Not a toy. Not a pellet gun. REAL BULLETS.

Who is inhumane enough to shoot a cat FOUR times IN the CHEST with a REAL GUN?

WHO WAS This Cat?

This small black and brown neutered female had black whiskers on one side of her face and white ones on the other side. In some communities this is considered to be a rare and beautiful feature. One bullet is lodged against her spine. If she survives the night, she may never walk again. How cruel is that? (SQUEEKY the cat did NOT survive the weekend. I buried her in my yard.)

This was  a feral, community cat, for several years and brought her many litters of kittens to my house to raise them. She allowed me to socialize the kittens and find homes for them but kept out of Arms (and perhaps Harms) reach herself.

I caught her and took  her to the vet for routine shots and had her spayed so she would stop being a kitten mill. For the first time, she began to play like a kitten. She never had a chance to before that. Just last week, I watched her chasing after a string blowing in the wind. A lovely sight of nature in my backyard.

When she was so horribly wounded she knew where to go for help and crawled back to my house. This tells me she was not shot too very far away. This is in Northwest Hartselle not far from the old Armory. Did one of my neighbors do this?

Who will speak out and identify the individual or individuals who are responsible for this despicable act of violence? If you know who did this, contact the Hartselle Police with your information. Being silent makes you an accessory to the crime.


What we do to animals we may also do to humans. Is this a cat hater? Is this a human hater? In either case an aggressive person is a threat to society. Yes,this person is a threat to ALL of us, whether the victim is a spouse, an elder, an animal, a child.

Who is the next victim?



Animal cruelty is just one of many forms of violence that is increasing nationwide. It gets publicity but does it ever get prosecution? Every life matters. As a community we must not be silent in the presence of violence. Even as simple as a cat shooting.

You can find numerous websites that talk about inhumane animal treatment or child abuse almost in the same sentence. I pray that is not true here in Hartselle as well.