Alabama Needs Doug Jones

By | October 31, 2017
Doug Jones for US Senate

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Doug Jones for U.S. Senate.

Honestly, I believe that Alabama needs Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate. In this Special Election, Jones brings experience and positive viewpoints to issues of importance to everyday people.

What the people of Alabama need is ACTION paired with compassion and forward thinking ideals which include all of the people in Alabama.

Doug Jones is prepared to work for YOU on things that really matter like: affordable healthcare, better schools, and jobs that pay well.

Vote for Doug Jones,

Jones is the Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate and the polls how him as tied with Roy Moore, the well known Republican who longs for the power of a position in the U. S. Senate.  I urge ALL Democrats to hit the polls in large numbers to send Doug Jones to the U. S. Senate.

It is time for legislators to stop stalling and bickering and work towards a stronger and more responsive and responsible Congress we can all be proud of because of the results of cooperative legislators.

Human Rights

The Human Rights Campaign has endorsed Doug Jones. As he has said, ” I have fought for the rights of All Alabamians and all Americans my entire career and will continue to do so as a U.S. Senator.”


This post is my personal opinion. I have had enough of the Sessions and Strange and Moore type of governance. I urge you to REMEMBER to vote in this Special Election in December.

Support Doug Jones for U. S. Senate and break free from big money, hatred and bigotry in politics.

“newzy” aka Donna Paul Bessken