Winter in North Alabama

Winter in North Alabama this year is not like anything I have ever seen. We had snow and super freezing temperatures yesterday. This afternoon, the sun is shining in a lovely blue sky with temps hanging in the 30F range. I am going to rake some leaves in the front yard to get some exercise… Read More »

Sorry Folks

Thanks for coming to my site. Sorry for my long absence and lack of updates. My Old Faithful Laptop just up and died. My cell phone crashed the same week. 😒 Then my sister had a major heart attack 700 miles away.  😒 She is recovering and we are all grateful. 😄 Then came the… Read More »

Alabama Needs Doug Jones

Doug Jones for U.S. Senate. Honestly, I believe that Alabama needs Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate. In this Special Election, Jones brings experience and positive viewpoints to issues of importance to everyday people. What the people of Alabama need is ACTION paired with compassion and forward thinking ideals which include all of the people… Read More »

More News Than I Can Handle

What do you do when there is More news than You can handle? I know what I do. I shut down and stop processing information for a while. In this case, my computer even made that easy to do. HOW? The computer DIED. TOTALLY. The tech guy said it was an old laptop and cannot… Read More »